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What is the working process of the water filling machine?

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What is the working process of the water filling machine?

The water filling machine is driven by a servo motor, which has the characteristics of high precision, stable operation, simple operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, low noise, intelligence and humanity. It is a trend in the development of filling equipment.


This article contains the following:

Structural features of barreled water filling machine:

Working process of water filling machine:

Main features of pure water filling machine:


Structural features of barreled water filling machine:

The machine is divided into four parts: bottle washing, filling, electrical control and pneumatic control.  

1. Bottle washing part:   

(1) Bottle washing drive mechanism;

(2) Bottle holder;

(3) Medicine bottle washing pump;

(4) Medicine tank;

(5) Pure water bottle washing pump;

(6) Transmission chain.  

2. Filling part:   

(1) Filling the cylinder;

(2) Filling valve;

(3) Covering motor and cover device;

(4) Cover cylinder and cover device.  

3. Electrical part: consists of a microcomputer programmer and an electric control box.  

4. Pneumatic part: consists of air cylinder, pneumatic solenoid valve and pneumatic electric control box.


Working process of water filling machine:

This machine adopts fully automatic program control, and its working process is as follows:   

1. Bottle washing: the bottle is washed through five stations. The first station uses chlorine dioxide (CLO2) to dissolve and disinfect. The washing time is adjustable. The first station time is 12S, the second station is 12S, and the third The station is 12S, the fourth station is pure water cleaning, the time can be adjusted according to different needs, and the fifth station is to dry the remaining water in the rinsed barrel.

2. Filling: The cleaned barrel is transported by the chain conveying mechanism and falls on the barrel holding mechanism. The barrel holding mechanism will center the empty barrel, and the filling valve will press positively to start filling. The filling time can be based on the filling pump. The flow rate is adjusted.  

3. Filling and capping: After the filling is finished, the barrel-out transmission mechanism sends the filled barrel to the cap sorting machine to cover the cap. When the capped barrel is transferred to the capping mechanism, the capping cylinder will cap the bottle. Press tightly, at this point, a washing and irrigation cycle is completed.


Main features of pure water filling machine:

1. The pure water production equipment adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane, which has high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost;

2. Adopt a fully automatic pretreatment system to realize unmanned operation;

3. Adopting the booster pump of Southern Special Pump Industry, with high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable

4. On-line water quality monitoring and control of pure water production equipment, real-time monitoring of water quality changes, and ensuring water quality safety;

5. Fully automatic electronic control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use;

6. Personalized design that meets the local water quality, and meets the needs in every way.


The water filling machine integrates the functions of washing, filling and sealing. It is a high-performance automatic liquid packaging equipment.



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