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Automatic Rotary Round Square Bottle Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine For Soap Bleach Bottle


 machine Feature:

1, Body is built with stainless steel, aluminum alloy and square steel tubes.

2, welded tubes ensure stable and smooth operations at high speed performance.

3, Centralized lubricating system for simple and effortless on maintenance, lubrication and cleanness.

4, Round plate type suction label.

5, Automatically detect and adjust the production speed

6, Emergency Stop Safety Device disables the machine when senses an abnormality.

7, Automatic tension control.

8, Automated label proofreading and Cutting System.

9, Automatic warning system and alarm will be activated when it is out of label.



machine Specification:

1, Machine size::5000L*1600W*2000H(mm)。

2, 5 meters conveyor belt included

3, weight:about 2 T

4, Label roll inner size:6“inches

5, bottle height:300ml-1500ml

6, Bottle diameter:55-120mm

7, label thickness:0.04-0.05mm

8, speed:140B/min

9, Power supply: AC 3ψ380V。

10, Consumed Power: Max 10KW。

11, consume of air : >=0.6-0.8Mpa。



Machine configuration:

1, Fully enclosed Host: door stop

2, send bottles: Screw or star wheel

3, Feeding bottle: cylinder

4, Separate bottle: Stars Wheel

5, Sending label: servo encoder control.

6, Illumination: LED, top + bottom access operation lamp lights + control box lights

7, fixed feeding shelf: Removable standard planar fast. (Optional double frame)

8, Touch screen: single touch

9, cabinet work: Column cabinet ,pneumatic

10, corrective devices:  Germany E + L

11, Alarm system: warning light & buzzer, lack of material, marked off, door

12, Label system: Physical adjustable friction brake feed

13, Transmission systems: machine connections, independent label transmission

14, Glue system: Integrated hot melt glue system



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