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Alcohol Filling Machine for Spirit Glass Bottle with Vodka Whisky

Alcohol Filling Machine for Spirit Glass Bottle with Vodka Whisky is mainly used for bottle filling of liquor, wine, soy sauce, vinegar and other foaming liquids with consistent liquid level.
  • RFC14-12-5

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Main features

1) Using the principle of low vacuum filling, the bottle wall filling, no choking, no foaming, to ensure the consistency of the liquid level after filling.

(2) The bottle with incomplete body is automatically not filled, not sprayed, not broken, and the error of bottle heiice takes exquisite materials and uses superior materials to ensure the service life of the bottle supporting device with reasonable design, high-end processing techght is automatically adapted. The elaborate design of the bottle supporting devnology and accurate compression and shock absorption ratio.

(3) The filling valve adopts the advanced filling principle of filling industry, reasonable design, excellent quality and accurate processing parts to ensure the liquid level requirements after filling.

(4) Without disassembling the filling valve, the filling valve can be normally opened by lifting the valve up and turning clockwise to 15 degrees. At this time, the filling barrel and the filling valve can be conveniently backwashed. With single pin fixed valve body structure, the valve core can be pulled out as a whole by pulling the pin shaft lightly. The principle is simple and the maintenance is very convenient.

(5) The filling machine adopts imported high sensitivity liquid level probe, imported liquid level control device and pneumatic corner seat valve to control the fluctuation of the liquid level in the filling barrel within 30 mm. The device can synchronize with the intake pump and realize liquid filling without a high tank.

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This is products of Automatic Glass Bottle Wine Filling Machine .


1.Can your factory provide he whole plant from A to Z?
Yes, we can provide the complete plant, from bottling making plant,water purification plant,to filling packing plant.

2.Are all machinery your factory made?
Our factory make the water purification and filling packing plants.we do not make the bottle making machinery,we have good quality bottle making machinery partner,and we provide to customer same long warranty time and good after service.

3.How can i know the machinery quality before i order?
First,we will invite you visiting our factory to check the machines quality,and show the machines running for you in our factory.

4.What certificates you can provide?
Our factory provide the CE,SGS,ISO,and according to some countries,we also can provide the PVOC, COC,SONCAP...etc.


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