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What types of Labeling Machines are there?

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What types of Labeling Machines are there?

Grab an item at your hand, and you will find all kinds of beautiful tags. So this is mainly the labeling machine played a big role. So what is a labeling machine? What are its types? What are the applications? Let us come to find out.

What is a labeling machine?

Classification of labeling machines


1、What is a labeling machine?

It is a device that sticks rolls of self-adhesive paper labels on PCBs, products or specified packaging. It has the advantages of improving the efficiency of product labeling, accurate attaching position, good quality, and high stability, effectively reducing the waste of paste, reducing the labor cost of labeling, and improving the aesthetics of product logos, further enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of products. Labeling machines have become an indispensable part of modern packaging.

2、Classification of labeling machines

It can be divided into hundreds of ways according to different industries, products, and shapes. Here I will introduce you to common classifications.

Classification according to label material

The hot melt adhesive labeling machine uses plastic labels and bopp materials, but there is glue at the junction of the labels. This kind of equipment is mostly made of rotary labeling, which is very fast and expensive.

Self-adhesive labeling machine is a commonly used machine in the market. It uses self-adhesive labels. You can see a product labeled with a machine when you take the packaged items. Wide application range.

In the paste  machine, the label material is paper material, and the paste is evenly coated on the label paper by brushing the paste machine.

According to the type of labeling machine

The linear  machine means that the conveyor belt is in a straight line, and the products go directly to each other. It is also the most widely used labeling machine on the market, simple operation and affordable.

Rotary machine is faster. It is used for fast labeling in daily chemical and beverage industries. It can be a self-adhesive machine or a hot work method.

The biggest feature of the semi-automatic labeling machine is that it cannot be connected to the production line and requires manual operation. Need to manually hold the labeling product to the machine station, and then touch the switch button to drive the labeling. Mainly for small batch products or difficult automatic labeling.

The automatic machine is connected to the production line without manual operation. The product automatically enters the labeling station, automatic labeling, automatic detection, automatic barcode traceability system, and automatic transmission to the next process. This is relatively convenient to use.

Label content distinction

The fixed label content can be labelled with an ordinary machine.

Variable labels need to use a real-time printing labeling machine. Real-time printing labels are cash-on-the-shelf stickers, commonly used in express delivery industry, e-commerce industry, electronic products and other industries.

For simple variable labels such as the production date, use an ordinary machine plus a coding machine or inkjet printer.


Scope of application: suitable for any industry to produce packaging with materials such as bottles, bags, and plastics.

Applicable label: paper label

Applicable products: products that want to stick paste labels on the circumferential surface.

Application industry: widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine, wine, beverage, electronics and other industries.

There are many types of labeling machines and various uses. If there is demand, come and buy it. Hope our company can provide you with the best shopping experience.



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