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What are the manufacturing technologies of the water filling machine?

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What are the manufacturing technologies of the water filling machine?

Nowadays, in fast city life, bottled water is necessary and very convenient. Usually, professional Beverage filling machinery is used to pack bottled drinking water (such as well water, distilled water, mineral water or spring water) in PET bottles or glass bottles. Maybe some of us are curious about water packaging equipment, so today we are going to discuss what are the manufacturing technologies of the water filling machine.


Technical characteristics of water filling machine

Equipment use of water filling machine

Industry Outlook


Technical characteristics of water filling machine

1. It adopts rotary intermittent spraying and flushing, conveying from the incoming bottle, clamping the bottle on the shelf, inverting the bottle and turning over, synchronously spraying in the bottle until the bottle is drained out and enters the filling.

2. Adopting a unique card bottle mouth for atmospheric filling to ensure accurate sealing of the bottle mouth and the filling valve mouth, eliminating the leakage caused by the bottle not round or the bottle body is skewed and the bottle wall is thin during the original bottle bottom filling. phenomenon.

3. It adopts programmable controller to realize automatic control of the whole process from bottle entering machine to packaging.

4. The capping head is screwed with magnetic clutch, and the torque can be adjusted to ensure the quality of capping.

5. All parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements.


The filling system provides a variety of complete bottled water filling equipment, and its production ranges from an entry-level production of 600 containers per hour to a system that pushes 9000 containers per hour according to the characteristics of the bottles.

Filling machines are important equipment in the manufacturing industry to improve the quality and efficiency of drinking water during the production process. They are commonly used to package food or Beverages, but their use has also expanded to the packaging of many other products.


Equipment use of water filling machine


According to the degree of automation and the materials used, these fillers are classified in different ways. They can be divided into automatic, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. And they can also be pure water filling machines, Beverage filling machine, bottle water filling machine.

This machine integrates the functions of washing, filling and sealing. It is a high-efficiency full-action liquid packaging equipment.

The development of equipment for packaging water has a history of nearly 20 years in China. From the low degree of automation to the increasingly high degree of automation, from a long-term perspective, the use of equipment with a higher degree of automation will gradually reduce the use of labor. Contributes to production management and also contributes to cost control.


Industry Outlook

Filling machines are widely used in the food industry, Beverage industry, etc. The future food filling machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the improvement of the overall level of packaging equipment, and develop multifunctional, high-efficiency, low-consumption food packaging equipment.


The filling machine has always been a solid backing for the Beverage market. Especially in the modern market, people’s requirements for product quality are increasing, market demand continues to expand, and enterprises require efficient and automated production. Under such circumstances, filling machines are even more important. Become a hot filling equipment. In addition to the improvement of science and technology in recent years, the domestic filling machine industry has also been developed rapidly, and the technical level, equipment performance, quality and other aspects have been greatly improved, which is supporting the efficient and safe production of enterprises. Played an important role.




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