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Liquor Filling Machine

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Liquor Filling Machine

The vodka filling production line is dedicated to the filling of glass bottles of liquor, whiskey, vodka, etc. The sealing can be selected between the crown cap gland and the aluminum anti-theft cap screw cap. 
The lifting of the filling bottle adopts mechanical lifting or air cylinder lifting.The filling machine has a complete CIP cleaning function. The wine filling machine adopts a special filling valve and a high-power vacuum pump, and the liquid level is consistent after packaging and filling.
 The mouth of the bottle is sealed during filling, and the liquid flows down the bottle wall, which effectively controls the foam caused by the impact of the liquid during filling and prevents the liquid from overflowing. 
This machine has variable frequency speed regulation and fast filling speed. It is equipped with overload protection device. It stops when the bottle is jammed and starts soft start. It adopts an elastic bottle holding device to reduce bottle damage. 
The filling volume is adjusted by adding or subtracting gaskets on the filling valve, which is convenient and quick. The machine has a large filling range, and the filling volume can be adjusted between 100-1500 ml. Applicable bottle height range is wide, adjustable between 100-380 mm. 
The main seals are made of imported silica gel, and the main parts are made of 304 stainless steel that meets food hygiene. The filling valve is easy to disassemble and clean.




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