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How to maintain the water filling machine?

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How to maintain the water filling machine?

The water plant uses a pure water filling machine to remove the original cement sand, residual chlorine and various bacterial impurities, retain the essential trace elements of the human body, and sell it in barrels and bottles. So as a water manufacturer, how to maintain the pure water filling machine after working day after day? Today I will introduce you to the maintenance method of the pure water filling machine.

Generally speaking, the maintenance of water filling machine equipment and standard operating habits can extend its service life and maintain good product performance. Maintenance can be divided into three parts: use, maintenance and overhaul, let’s look at them one by one.


Use water filling machine

Maintenance and precautions of water filling machine

Overhaul water filling machine


Use water filling machine

Correct use, in order for the mineral water filling machine to fully function in the application, people need to use it correctly, knowing that if it is used incorrectly, it will not play a good role, and it will also affect the performance of the equipment. Therefore, to ensure that the mineral water filling machine is used correctly, this is also a very important part of maintenance.


Maintenance and precautions of water filling machine

Daily maintenance of water purification filling machine is particularly important. The staff is mainly focused on cleaning, lubricating, checking and tightening. The seemingly simple maintenance actually has very strict rules and regulations.

Regular maintenance is to lubricate, tighten and inspect all relevant parts and their cleaning work, and inspect the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components. Eliminate hidden troubles and balance the degree of wear of various components.

Only in this way can the device fully function in the application. Therefore, maintenance work is essential when people use mineral water filling machines.


Note: The pump is strictly prohibited to work under water shortage. Please check the water level of each water tank before and during operation. After working every day, please clean the machine and drain the remaining water in the water tanks. In cold areas, please pay special attention to draining the remaining water in the pump to prevent freezing and damaging the pump. It is necessary to ask professional maintenance personnel to maintain the machine regularly. After shutting down every day, the air compressor gas tank and the oil-water separator must be drained. When draining the water, a container must be used to catch the discharged water to avoid polluting the ground. The following parameters are recommended for the air compressor, the rated exhaust pressure is 1Mpa, and the exhaust volume is greater than 0.25m3/M.

Overhaul water filling machine

Simple overhaul. In order to ensure that the mineral water filling machine can play a greater role in the application and reduce the occurrence of failures, simple maintenance work in daily life is still very necessary. Maintenance work is also an important work to extend its service life.

The staff should also pay attention to the summer and winter seasons to avoid freezing or dampness of the pure water filling machine, and focus on the inspection and repair of the fuel system, hydraulic system, cooling system and starting system.


In order to ensure the quality of water production, it is necessary to clean and maintain the pure water filling machine on a regular basis. Every technician should strictly follow the equipment maintenance manual.



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