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How to maintain the Oil Filling Machine?

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How to maintain the Oil Filling Machine?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of oil filling machines has brought great help to our lives. They are widely used in different environments. Among them, they can be used in daily chemicals, automotive supplies, sanitation, industry and construction. , Food and medicine, cosmetics and other industries. Can play a very good role in the process of use.?Doing a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the daily inspection can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles and realize economic benefits.

Clean the filling machine

Maintenance of oil filling machine

1.Clean the filling machine

The cleaning of the filling machine mainly includes 4 aspects. They are clean environment, clean containers, clean and contact pipes of the filling machine itself.

Clean environment

In order to keep the environment of the oil filling machine clean and hygienic, cleaning and sterilization must be done every day. Avoid the machine in an acidic or corrosive gas environment. Thus causing damage to the machine itself.

Cleanliness of filling containers

Filling containers must be cleaned and strictly inspected to prevent contamination of the edible oil after packaging.

The cleanliness of the filling machine itself

After the daily work is completed, the edible oil filling machine left in the edible oil filling machine should be rinsed or the dead corners should be disassembled and cleaned. The filling equipment, especially the place where the materials are stored, should be regularly scrubbed and sterilized. After the filling task is completed every day, disinfectant should be added for sterilization, and there should be no fouling on the parts in contact with the materials.

Pipeline cleanliness

All pipelines, especially those in direct or indirect contact with edible oil, must be kept clean, and they must be cleaned, washed, and sterilized every day.

2. Maintenance of oil filling machine

The supporting equipment of the filling machine should be unified. Because most of the equipments are automated machines, the dimensions of easy-pull bottles, bottle pads, and bottle caps are required to be uniform, otherwise they will not match and the work will be difficult to start.

The oil filling machine debugging tools should be appropriate. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools or excessive force to disassemble parts to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance of the machine.

Check the installation and operation of the filling machine components. For example, every time the machine is adjusted, the loose screws must be tightened and checked. After confirming, the later work can be carried out.

If you do not use the equipment for a long time, you must check it before using the equipment, or start the machine empty, and then perform the trial processing of flushing.

The cleaning of the oil filling machine is a very critical step in equipment maintenance, so it must be taken seriously. Maintenance work is also reflected in all aspects of daily work. 

As long as it can help the maintenance of the machine, we should strictly follow the instructions and the suggestions of relevant people and carry out it. If you want more information, please click on the webpage and contact us.



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