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How to maintain the Labeling Machine?

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How to maintain the Labeling Machine?

The labeling machine is widely used in all walks of life due to its high speed and stability. So how to extend its life span has become an important issue. Maintenance and maintenance work is particularly important. Let us take a look.

The importance of maintenance

Maintenance work

1、The importance of maintenance

Studies have shown that if a properly maintained labeling machine can be used for more than ten years or even longer without major repairs without accidents, whether the labeling machine can operate efficiently and label high-quality labels depends on Is there any effective maintenance? All maintenance and protection work should be understood correctly, not to wait for a fault to be repaired, but to be reflected in daily work. There is also the ability to master the correct operation steps, so that it will not be counterproductive.

2、Maintenance work

I think the maintenance work of the labeling machine is definitely not formed in a day, but depends on the accumulation of days and months. In fact, there are corresponding tasks for each different time period. So I simply talked about the maintenance work of the labeling machine through time as the demarcation point.

Daily maintenance

Wipe the dust and oil on the surface of the main unit's operation panel.

The iron plate parts at the bottom of the host need to be removed.

Weekly maintenance

Disassemble the electrical cabinet to check whether there are foreign objects or materials falling inside, if any, remember to clean it.

Check whether the internal connector of the host operation panel is loose.

Whether the wire between the motors is the pole line or the limit line, the sensor connection line is loose or has poor contact, re-tighten it.

The connector cable for the machine is loose, please remove it if the wiring is properly connected to the ground to the foreign object, whether the terminal has a negative oily movement state.

Monthly maintenance

Check whether the internal joints of the electrical cabinet are loose and re-lock.

Apply a little lubricating oil to the bearings and various parts, and replace the severely damaged or worn parts.

Check whether the fixing screws of the motor coupling are loose.

Check whether there is much oil in the lubricator and fill up the oil.

If the anti-loosening screw of the machine's fixed support foot is loose, re-lock it.

Annual maintenance.

Carefully check all the risky faults on the custom labeling machine or where there are frequent faults this year. After finding the source of the problem, replace the parts that need to be replaced, and debug those that need to be debugged.

Carry out a careful cleaning of the custom labeling machine, wipe it clean after cleaning, and place it in a dry, ventilated and dust-free place.

The above maintenance is for routine inspection, if the machine suddenly fails. You don't need to follow the above work schedule, you can adjust it in time. In short, the purpose of all maintenance is to extend the life of the labeling machine and better help the company complete the work. So if you want to know more professional information, you can contact us through the website.



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