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How to maintain the Juice Filling Machine?

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How to maintain the Juice Filling Machine?

During the use of the juice filling machine, it is inevitable that there will be problems with the equipment due to one or other reasons. I believe this should be the point that everyone is more concerned about, if there is a problem, how to repair it. Next, we will talk about common problems and maintenance.

The situation where the juice filling machine cannot be opened

No material output

The situation of leakage

Matters needing attention

1.The situation where the juice filling machine cannot be opened

Turn on the power first, then turn on thepower switch, and finally check the fuse.

If things are urgent, release the emergency stop button.

Check the air pressure and power output for any problems.

Check whether the touch screen and PLC communication line are loose.

2. No material output

Check the air pressure, check the touch screen maintenance mode.

Check whether the material port is closed and check whether the circuit is smooth.

Is there no raw materials, need to be added.

Check whether the injection cylinder and the injection cylinder are dead. Whether there is a problem with pipeline transportation.

3. The situation of leakage

Check the feeding port for inadequate sealing. Replace the feeding port gasket.

Check the delivery pipeline to see if the pipeline needs to be updated and replace the material pipe.

There is a problem with the pneumatic valve. Do you need to clean the pneumatic valve or replace the pneumatic valve gasket?

4. Matters needing attention

The problems described above frequently occur at any time. But in fact, the biggest problem is that the operation steps are not strictly followed, which leads to unexpected situations. Therefore, the most important thing is to understand the instructions carefully and perform related affairs well.

Be sure to read the "Instruction Manual" before use. Operate strictly in accordance with the methods and requirements in the instructions. Especially for all electrical appliances, the connectors must be connected strictly according to the number, otherwise the components will be burned out, and personal injury or death accidents will occur in serious cases. Also, the compressed air supplied to the machine must be filtered. Otherwise, the service life of the pneumatic components on the juice filling machine will be shortened. The air source pressure and air supply must meet the requirements, otherwise the machine will not operate normally. You must handle the touch screen gently to avoid scratching the touch screen with sharp objects. The last thing to be emphasized is that the adjustment and maintenance of the filling line should be carried out when the power is cut off.

If you can master the correct usage method and actively do the usual cleaning and maintenance about juice filling machines, then the possibility of problems will be greatly reduced. 

If it is unavoidable, just refer to some of the above situations or the instructions in the manual to solve it. If it still does not work, our company has a professional team that can provide you with the most professional service about juice filling machines at any time.



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