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How to maintain the Blow Molding Machine?

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How to maintain the Blow Molding Machine?

As everyone knows, blow molding machines have a wide range of uses. To maintain its high efficiency all the time, it is particularly important for the relevant personnel to understand the correct maintenance method. Let me share it for you.

Check the bottle Blow Molding Machine

Maintenance of blow molding machine

1、Check the bottle Blow Molding Machine

Whether the operating state of all systems of the blow molding machine is normal and whether it can maintain a stable and sensitive state.All parts of the blow molding machine equipment must be kept clean as a whole without stains.All parts of the equipment are in the correct position, especially small parts such as screws should not be loose or damaged.Eliminate the problem of noise during the operation of the bottle blow molding machine equipment.

2、Maintenance of blow molding machine

Although the maintenance of blow molding machine equipment is carried out for the entire equipment, the maintenance work required for different equipment parts is also different.

Maintenance work starts from the start of the machine. Before the equipment is turned on, it is necessary to fill each active part with lubricating oil. The purpose is to make the action more urgent and flexible during the operation of the equipment. After the lubricating oil is added, the equipment should be preheated for half an hour to ensure that there are no problems before loading into production. Blow molding machine equipment needs maintenance before it is turned on.

For the same reason, certain maintenance and maintenance are required when the equipment is turned off. After the equipment is shut down, you need to reset each speed to zero, close the mold, and blow the needle half a centimeter away from the mold to prevent hard objects from falling into the mold and damage the mold. The mold should be coated with rust inhibitor. Turn off the main power supply, perform lubrication and maintenance of the equipment again, add lubricating oil, clean the equipment sanitary, and turn off the water in all parts.

The gearbox of the plasticization system needs to change the oil at this time when the gearbox is in a high temperature state when it is just shut down. It should be noted that after the old oil is drained, the new oil must be used to flush out the sediment before adding new oil.

Regularly add lubricating grease. Blow molding machine equipment requires multiple mold removal and opening and closing, and the lubricating device needs to be filled in time.

Blow molds need to be cleaned and polished regularly. In addition to equipment, blow molds also need to be maintained. This can better ensure the cooperation of molds and equipment to produce better blow molded products. Cleaning and polishing are common maintenance methods for molds.

Of course, there are many components of the blow molding machine, but the cleaning of each part is the same and different. It is recommended that if there is any doubt, it is best to provide professional guidance to ensure the stable and efficient work, so if you need it, please feel free to contact us.



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