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How to install the Oil Filling Machine?

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How to install the Oil Filling Machine?

For many new users who use filling machines, it may be really impossible to start. So when we buy an oil filling machine, how do we quickly master its use? Let's take a look.

The use of oil filling machine

Pay attention to the conditions when using

1.The use of oil filling machine

At the beginning, before operating the machine, we must first read the instructions and be familiar with the adjustment and use of the oil filling machine. When operating, we must strictly follow the instructions of the oil filling machine and pay attention to the details. Problems to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Secondly, carry out corresponding repairs and maintenance of the machine according to the instructions, and wipe the oil on the body of the filling machine, which can isolate the air, avoid the rust of the filling machine, and protect the body well. This is also to extend the oil filling. A method of machine life.

Third, we must also pay attention to the cleaning of the sealing varnished cloth of the hot press frame to prevent foreign matter from being present on it, to ensure that the edible oil filling machine is as clean as possible, and to avoid corrosion caused by foreign matter.

Next, we have to check the machine frequently to see if the contact between the various parts of the machine is good, and if there is any looseness, to avoid accidents.

Finally, when a fault is found, we must turn off the power in time, press the emergency stop button when necessary, then turn off the voltage, check the cause, and eliminate the fault. The troubleshooting is best performed by a professionally trained operator. Or find a professional service team to perform repairs.

2. Pay attention to the conditions when using

Before turning on the device, you must first check whether there are hidden dangers around the device, check whether there is any abnormality in its rotation, and make sure that it can be turned on under normal conditions.

When adjusting the machine, use appropriate tools. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools or excessive force to remove parts to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance of the machine. Remember not to think about it yourself. If you have any questions, just find a professional.

And remember to remove the residue in time. The filling machine will produce some waste residue and dirt during the production process, which will cause pollution. At this time, a comprehensive cleaning of the oil filling machine is required. The cleaning agent can effectively remove rust. Spread the cleaning agent evenly on the surface of the filling machine, then slowly wipe with a damp cloth to wipe the body of the filling machine clean. Finally, use a sponge to absorb the liquid on the surface of the filling machine.Then carry out periodic cleaning and maintenance.

The use of the oil filling machine may not be difficult after training itself, but the difficulty is to take it lightly. Usually the details are ignored, and the damage to the machine is caused invisibly. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the oil filling machine, we must pay attention to the correct use method, and also carry out regular cleaning and maintenance.



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