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How to install a water canning machine?

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How to install a water canning machine?

We are exposed to all kinds of bottled water every day in our lives. This benefits from the continuous development of water canning machines, which greatly improves the efficiency of production. But many people may be very confused about how to install it. So I will briefly introduce some things that need to be done during the installation process.

Installation of bottle water filling machine

Points to note during installation

Debugging of water filling machine

1.Installation of bottle water filling machine

Preliminary understanding is to prepare for the next installation work. Use the planning drawings, pictures, videos and other information provided by the supplier to understand the composition and operation of the filling machine, and make corresponding preparations for water, electricity, and gas in advance. This is the first step.

The second step. Because the model of the water canning machine purchased by each company is completely different. Then the installation method will definitely be different. But the principle we must follow is: according to the different models and specifications of the water canning machine, refer to the accompanying instructions for installation. If you have any questions, be sure to ask a professional. Let's talk about the installation in a simple way.

For small water acnning machines, it is not required to build a foundation. It only needs to be installed on a flat workshop floor, lay a level benchmark, adjust the height of the bottle feeding chain belt and the bottle chain belt according to the layout drawing, and adjust the feet to make the whole machine The load is evenly distributed.

For large-scale bottling and capping machines, it is a little more complicated, and a solid installation foundation needs to be built as required. The horizontal datum must be laid during installation, especially when it is connected with the capping machine as a whole, the bottle inlet and outlet belts of the two parts must be at the same horizontal datum.

Equipment supporting the host, such as gas-liquid control box, vacuum pump system, and electric control box, are generally installed and arranged separately.

2. Points to note during installation

First, check the completeness of the equipment and accessories according to the list provided by the supplier. 

After the equipment is docked, the machine needs to be leveled and the foot pads locked to reduce the vibration of the equipment.  

The power supply must be safely grounded, the gas source must be within the specified range, the gas source must be stable, and the water inlet and drainage system must be stable and reliable, safe and sanitary.

When the equipment is installed, the equipment supplier will arrange a sales engineer to guide and train. During this process, relevant precautions need to be recorded to facilitate subsequent equipment maintenance.

3. Debugging of water filling machine

After installation, debugging work is usually carried out, so how should the water canning machine be debugged?

First check carefully whether the electrical appliances and connecting wires are loose or fall off. During transportation, the filling production line sometimes encounters damage caused by collisions or other screws loosening and falling off, so check.

The power and air pressure values are inconsistent due to different models, set according to the instructions

Adjust the filling volume according to the required filling volume, change the filling volume by adjusting the time, calibrate it through a measuring cup or electronic scale, and fine-tune its accuracy until it meets your requirements.

Finally, turn on the power switch and press the filling switch, and the machine will automatically fill-stop-refill and other working procedures.

Although the installation process of the water canning machine will be different for each specification, they all follow the installation and debugging process according to the instructions. Therefore, the regulations must be strictly followed to prevent accidents. If you have any questions, please call us for more professional knowledge.



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