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How to install a water canning machine?

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How to install a water canning machine?

In the process of using the water filling machine, safety is of the utmost importance, so how should we use the water filling machine safely? First of all, we need to correctly understand and install the water filling machine.


Main features of water filling machine

The correct installation steps of the water filling machine:

Some notes


Main features of water filling machine

This machine has compact structure, complete control system, simple operation and high degree of automation.

The parts in contact with the product are made of high-quality SUS, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Using high-speed filling valve, the liquid level is accurate and no waste. This guarantees the demand for filling technology.

The capping head adopts a constant torque magnetic device to ensure the capping quality and impact cap.

This machine has an efficient bottle cap arranging system, a complete bottle cap feeding and protection device is equipped with a complete cleaning management system to ensure that the bottle is clean.

Only by replacing the star wheel can the bottle shape be fully changed.

The machine adopts a complete overload protection device to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine.

This machine uses frequency converter.

The main electrical components, frequency, photoelectric switch, proximity switch and electric control valve all adopt imported components to ensure quality performance.

The control system has the functions of controlling the production speed, detecting the shortage of bottle caps, automatically stopping the bottle holder, and counting production

The electrical components and pneumatic components are all world-renowned brands.


The correct installation steps of the water filling machine:

1. Take the air filter pressure regulator out of the water filling machine case and install it on the right side panel on the front of the case. Unscrew the two-piece oil cup, fill it with lubricating oil to the horizontal line, about 20ml, and do not fill it up.

2. Insert the compressed air pipe into the air inlet of the duplex unit (Φ8 pipe, Φ10 pipe) and open the air compressor outlet valve. Adjust the two knobs on the duplex unit. The right side is for pressure adjustment. Lift the knob when adjusting. Clockwise rotation is to increase the pressure, counterclockwise rotation is to decrease the pressure, adjust the pressure at 0.3-0.4Mpa (3-4 kg/C㎡), the right side is the lubricating oil intake adjustment, can be rotated appropriately according to the fuel consumption, generally Use a cup of oil in 10-15 working days and then add it.

3. Check the electrical parts and whether the connectors are firm.

4. Turn on the 220V power supply and connect the ground wire to ensure safety. The working voltage of this machine is a safe voltage DC 24V.

5. Put the foot switch in front of the filling machine's worktable, and the foot pedal will work once at a time. If the foot is not released, the equipment will work continuously.

6. Connect the oil inlet pipe, connect it with a steel wire hose, wrap the joint with a sealing tape, and tie it with a steel wire to prevent air leakage. The pipeline is not allowed to install filtering equipment.

7. Adjust the metering magnetic switch of the water filling machine to the corresponding filling position, which is based on the upper end of the magnetic switch, and then fill it for a few more times until the air in the pipeline is drained.


Some notes

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