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How to install a Blow Molding Machine?

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How to install a Blow Molding Machine?

Many users may have many questions about how to install the bottle blowing machine after purchasing it. Now I can tell you about the basic requirements for the installation of the blow molding machine, the installation sequence, and the points that need attention.Let us know a lot at present.

Requirements for the installation foundation of the bottle blowing machine

Installation sequence of the blow molding machine

Precautions during installation

1. Requirements for the installation foundation of the bottle blowing machine

First of all, the layout of the machine in the workshop should meet the convenience of mold replacement and maintenance. In other words, there must be enough space to meet the requirements of basic work activities. Secondly, in order to avoid vibration during work, the machine should be placed on a cement foundation. The thickness of the foundation, the concrete marking and the level error of the foundation should all be controlled within a reasonable range. Finally, the bearing capacity of the installation foundation shall not be less than the minimum value.

2. Installation sequence of theblow molding machine

Installation is mainly divided into fixed installation and mobile installation.

Fixed installation is to transport the machine to the foundation dug in advance, install the foundation screws, and lay the water, electricity and gas transmission pipelines. Preliminarily adjust the level, and then pour concrete into the anchor holes, and then fine-tune the level after the concrete is dry. The method of fine-adjusting the level is to use a level to measure on the upper plane of the lock template and the dovetail groove of the pen holder. After the vertical and horizontal level is adjusted, the anchor screws are evenly tightened. Finally, check the equipment level, center height and center line position of the bottle blowing machine, and tighten the bolt holes of each foot.

Mobile installation can move equipment at any time. Just place the anti-vibration pad on the empty position of the anchor bolt, use a level ruler on the upper edge of the template to correct the level, adjust the anti-vibration pad, and then tighten the nut. Finally, corresponding inspections must be carried out.

3. Precautions during installation

When installing the bottle blowing machine, ensure that the axis position of the cylinder is consistent with the direction of movement.

The load on the bottle blowing machine should not be too large to avoid eccentricity.

The level of fine adjustment is required during the installation process, which requires the assistance of professionals. If you find any emergencies during the installation process, it is best to seek professional help.

With the continuous development of blow molding machine technology, in general, the operating steps of the blow molding machine have become relatively simple, but even if the installation process is not that complicated, the installation process must not be taken lightly and must be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions. Install to avoid accidents.If you need anything help about blow molding machine,you can call us .



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