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How to clean the water filling machine?

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How to clean the water filling machine?

The water filling machine will produce some waste residue and dirt during the production process, which will cause pollution to the goods to be canned. At this time, a comprehensive cleaning of the water filling machine is required. Many repairers do not understand the working process and maintenance technology of the water filling machine, so they will not handle it properly when cleaning the water filling machine.


This article contains the following:

How to clean the water filling machine correctly:

Clean foam and gel

Notes about water filling machines


How to clean the water filling machine correctly:

When cleaning the mouth of the water filling machine, it must not be washed with water, but with a special cleaning agent. This is because during the filling process, the water filling machine encounters acid and alkali corrosion, and the filling port is prone to rust. The cleaning agent can effectively remove rust. Spread the cleaning agent evenly on the surface of the water filling machine, then slowly wipe with a damp cloth to wipe the body of the water filling machine clean. Finally, use a sponge to absorb the liquid on the surface of the water filling machine. Wait for the machine to dry naturally in the air. Generally speaking, the service life of the water filling machine is relatively long, so it is best to clean the water filling machine at regular intervals to keep the body of the water filling machine tidy.


Clean foam and gel

The most suitable products for cleaning machines are foams and gels, which are the most commonly used chemical cleaning products in the food and beverage industry.

Cleaning foams and gels should be selected and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (staff should follow the product technical instructions). These products are mainly used to clean the outside of the production line in the food and beverage industry. The concentration of the product should meet the requirements stated by the manufacturer.

You should use cold water or room temperature water with cleansing foam and cleansing gel for no more than 30 minutes.

After a series of cleaning procedures and rinse with water, no watermark should be left.


Notes about water filling machines

Pay attention to the ventilation and temperature of the working environment; according to the different filling products, the environmental requirements are also different, but in summer, the water filling machine is best to run in a ventilated and cool place; the automatic water filling machine must ensure the safety of the equipment line , Aerosol water filling machines and powder water filling machines must strictly comply with the environmental requirements of their respective product filling.


The above is about the correct cleaning method of the water filling machine.



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