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How to clean the Labeling Machine?

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How to clean the Labeling Machine?

Almost every product we see in our lives has a label on it. So almost every production will need a labeling machine, so what is the problem with the labeling opportunity? And how to solve such a problem?

An integral part of the labeling machine

Problems and solutions of  machines

Cleaning of the labeling machine

1、An integral part of the labeling machine

The labeling machine is a device that pastes rolls of self-adhesive paper labels or other suitable materials on PCBs, products or specified packaging. In addition to the bar code printing equipment, the labeling machine is responsible for providing labels and recycling bottom paper to complete the labeling action. It is the core component of the labeling machine. It is mainly composed of loose reel, drive roller, loose reel buffer, pressure roller, peeling board, bottom paper recycling, etc.

2、Problems and solutions of machines

The labeling paper is skewed. Adjust the height of the label box on the left and right according to the position of the label paper on the label.

It is wrinkled and uneven. Adjust the thickness of the rubber film on the rubber roller.

The corners and flashing of the labeling paper. The glue of the target plate is not evenly taken, adjust the position of the target plate to make the glue take evenly.

Throw the bottle during operation when applying the top label. Check whether the high and low position of the bottle pressing head is appropriate, adjust its position, and check whether the ball in the bottle pressing head is missing, causing the bottle to rotate inflexibly. Replace it. Check if the backing plate behind the bottle at the label delivery point is in place and adjust it.

The cosmetic effect is poor. Check the position of the belt, adjust it to the proper position, if the cosmetic spray nozzle is blocked, just clean it.

The coding is not clear and the position is not centered. Check whether there are foreign objects or water droplets on the bottle cap, adjust the position of the blowing pipe, check whether the nozzle is clean, flush the nozzle, adjust the position of the nozzle, and make the spray code center.

3、Cleaning of the labeling machine

It can be seen from the above that the problems and solutions of the labeling machine are particularly detailed. I think that if you want to reduce the occurrence of problems, cleaning is a very important step. So the following focuses on the cleaning process of the entire labeling machine. details as follows:

First remove the target plate, scraper, glue funnel, glue bucket, blowing pipe, and protective door, and put it in the soaking car to soak. It should be noted that the target plate must be placed separately, and only 40℃ warm water can be used.

Cover the surface of the label table and the glued areas with a damp cloth with alkaline detergent water.

Clean the large turntable, bottle holder, standard scanner, labeling table, column gate, machine top, bottle separating plate, platform and other parts with wool sweep or cloth plus alkaline cleaning agent water.

Use a damp cloth to clean the residual glue of the label box, the label drum and the label holder, and the label rubber pad.

Clean the surface of the standard drum with a damp cloth. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water or soak directly.

It can be seen that the cleaning of the labeling machine is also particularly important for daily work. If you can understand this knowledge, it will certainly reduce the occurrence of problems to a certain extent and extend the life of the labeling machine.



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