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How to clean the Blow Molding Machine?

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How to clean the Blow Molding Machine?

In the daily production work, the cleaning of the blow molding machine also plays a large role. How to clean quickly and efficiently has a certain effect on machine maintenance and later work.

Cleaning the blow molding machine

Cleaning tips

The benefits of cleaning

1、Cleaning the blow molding machine

Blow molding machines have different parts, and the cleaning methods for different parts are definitely different. Cleaning the head is a very important step, and several methods are introduced next.

Manual cleaning. In order to avoid scratching the runner, especially the mold area, we have to use manual cleaning, especially for metallurgical damage.

Solvent cleaning. Use acidic or alkaline chemicals, or organic or inorganic solvents for cleaning. The former method is low in cost, but the cost of chemicals is high and the cleaning efficiency is low. The latter has higher cleaning efficiency.

Ultrasonic cleaning. This method has a good cleaning effect. Remove inorganic residues.

2、Cleaning tips

As can be seen from the above, there are many ways to clean. Then let me tell you a few tips.

Ensure that the temperature controller of the machine is working properly and set to the specified temperature of the cleaning compound. Increasing the temperature of the nozzle or mold by 50ºF can improve the cleaning effect.

Set the die gap large enough to allow material to flow out when the nozzle is filled with cleaning agent. Restricting the mold gap during the purge will increase the back pressure of the nozzle, allowing more aggressive cleaning.

Reduce the extruder speed from the normal operating speed. At each restart, start the extruder at a speed of approximately 20% or less, and then slowly increase while monitoring the pressure indicator in all steps.

Depending on the age and condition of the machine before cleaning, it may be necessary to fill the cleaning compound more than once to reach a clean state. Pre-measure the standard volume and an additional barrel capacity so you have more free space and can repeat.

3、The benefits of cleaning

Reduce downtime and costs

If we can master effective cleaning methods and use them faster and better, the methods and methods will help reduce maintenance-related downtime even up to 90%, which will reduce our daily costs to a certain extent. Expand production efficiency and realize a virtuous circle.

Minimize waste and wear

Deposits and carbon deposits will increase maintenance and repair costs, while reducing the service life of screws, cylinders, tools and nozzles, or defective products due to material inclusions, discoloration or other contamination. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help reduce the consumption of raw materials and damage to the machine.

Quickly change colors and materials

The conversion of injection molding machines.

Such as small batch production or OEM production, is a big cost factor. The faster and more efficient form, color or material conversion, the production process will be more efficient.

In short, for blow molding machines. Daily cleaning is still very useful. Based on the above women, you can buy our products to get the best experience.



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