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How to choose Blow Molding Machine?

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How to choose Blow Molding Machine?

There are many manufacturers of blow molding machines and various types. It must be a headache for users who are about to buy. So how to choose a suitable blow molding machine and an excellent manufacturer? Let us continue to watch.

How to choose a bottle blowing machine?

How to choose one-step method or two-step method?

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1. How to choose a bottle blowing machine?

Choose the right mold: According to your own output requirements and the manufacturer's parameters, choose the most suitable production mold. This is relatively basic information that can be obtained through inquiry.

Special needs processing: Consider the needs of the production environment, and according to your current needs, determine whether there are special needs that need to be met, so as to avoid the inapplicability of the purchased products.

Quality Assurance: Have a certain understanding of the purchased manufacturers, such as the level of production quality management, whether they have passed the quality management system certification, the scientific research strength of the enterprise, and the technological content of the equipment. Ensure that the selected manufacturer has sufficient comprehensive capabilities. Including experience and knowledge, abilities, qualifications, advanced design

Price: Cost-effectiveness is believed to be a necessary condition that many customers will consider. Don't blindly seek low prices and ignore quality. After all, you get what you pay for. However, we must also prevent excessive premiums and try to be as good as possible and cheap.

Thoughtful service: The manufacturer should have good after-sales service, strong ability to track and maintain the product and update the parts. It is more secure to choose the products produced by this type of manufacturer. Avoid subsequent unpleasant cooperation.

2. How to choose one-step method or two-step method?

The more frequently asked question is how to choose the one-step method and the two-step method. There are two commonly used models in the classification of blow molding machines, the one-step method and the two-step method, so let's briefly introduce them for different needs.

Two-step method: The two-step blow molding machine consists of two independent machines to complete the processes of injection molding and heating blow molding. The advantage is that the equipment is simple, the investment is small, and small enterprises with insufficient funds can choose to reduce the cost of injection machinery by purchasing preforms. It is flexible and can be adjusted during the production process. The mold cost is low and the product development is fast. The disadvantage is that the storage time of the preform affects the quality of the blown bottle, so the product identity is not guaranteed, and the intermediate transfer storage link is easy to be contaminated with bacteria.

One-step method: The injection and blow molding steps of the one-step blow molding machine can be completed by only one machine without manual transfer. Advantages: High degree of automation, good effect of blown products, stable quality, uniform wall thickness and good barrier performance. The cost is low, which saves the cost of repeated heating, transportation, storage, etc., and prevents the preform from increasing the water content due to improper storage and reducing the quality of the finished product. The disadvantage is that the investment in preparation is large, the mold is more complicated, and the system configuration requirements are high, which is not suitable for producing large-scale products.

3. Our company

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In short, our company has a strong comprehensive ability to meet the requirements of purchasing a blow molding machine. If you want to know more, please call for inquiries. I believe that it is not as good as the quality of the product. Therefore, choosing us is your wise choice.



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