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High Speed Round/Square Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

High Speed Round/Square Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine is used for water /juice/food/daily chemical bottles labeling.
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Product Description
1.High Speed Round/Square Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine used in Taiwan original technology and design concept from Germany carried out on the improvements made.
2,device uses a large touch screen, easy operation, parameter display glance, truly interactive.
3,Japan Mitsubishi PLC control system, more stable performance.
4,measuring objects using Omron photoelectric sensors, sensing objects higher sensitivity.
5,Omron Japan / Taiwan FOTEK label of photoelectric sensors, sensing a sensitive, easy to adjust.
6,using German technology KINCO a standard motor, stable performance, high labeling accuracy.
7,using matching motor drive signal is never distorted.
8,using the French Schneider inverter speed, more stable performance.
9,large control box, the internal electrical heat easier, convenient detection, increase firmness.
10,high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
11,anodized aluminum surface sandblasted, higher strength, beautiful appearance.
12,send standard buffer device, make sure that the job is not pulled off the label during.
13,closed end of paper patented design to ensure the collection of paper is not pulled off.
14,equipment motor coordination, running smooth and stable, durable, long service life.
15,main electrical components are well-known products, parts by unified action solid resistance and connecting a computer numerical control machine tool precision machining, parts are well protected, prolonged use will not be any problems.
Conveyor height
Labeling speed
20-200pcs/min (Depending on bottle size and label length)
Bottle height
Bottle diameter
Label height
Label length
Labeling accuracy
Inner diameter of paper roll
Machine size
Machine weight
Device Structure
Head motherboard
Using 20mm thick aluminum plate, the overall planing mill treatment to ensure surface flatness. Anodized aluminum surface
treatment, sandblasting process to ensure that the hardness and appearance. All guides are used to send standard sink-hole process
to ensure that no verticality with guides to ensure delivery subject stability. Head motherboard using the most advanced CNC
machining centers to ensure the accuracy of every size.
Label Feeder
Send scaler 5-axis positioning mechanism, which greatly ensure stability during delivery standard. Subscript label feed roller 2 /3 near the contact area to avoid a great slip the label and the roller, to improve the accuracy of delivery targets. Send and receive standard synchronous standard skid control, to avoid the label pulled off .
Touch Screen
Taiwan Winview touch screen with high-quality large touch screen, interactive, easy to operate And outside touch screen plus a protective cover .
Chassis is made of 304 stainless steel fully sealed structure, effectively prevent dust and water from entering.


The bottom of the nose fully sealed structure to avoid the risk of the occurrence of.

Frequency converter

Using the French Schneider inverter, stable performance.


Japan's Mitsubishi Electric PLC and quality performance and stability.

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